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NIO ES7 upgrades IC6 brake kit


NIO ES7 is a five-seater medium and large SUV specially built for family travel. It has a stylish appearance, luxurious and comfortable interior, and provides passengers with spacious seating space. Equipped with advanced electric drive system, it has strong power and stable control.It also features an intelligent driving assistance system to ensure travel safety.

NOI ES7 owners went to the store to upgrade the brakes specially designed for ICOOH new energy vehicles. An SUV model like this has plenty of power and a thick body.

When the vehicle is fully loaded or traveling fast, the brakes may not perform as effectively, which can affect the stopping distance. Over time, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. For safety, the car owner chose ICOOH-IC6 integrated disc caliper as an upgraded braking solution. The list is as follows:

Model: NOI ES7

Product: ICOOH-IC62

Front wheel: IC62 caliper with 410mm drilled disc

ICOOH HP2000 brake pads

ICOOH brake hose

ICOOH Brake Fluid

After upgrading, the vehicle brakes better, ensuring a smoother pedal feel and no shaking. Traveling by car is now safer and worry-free, thanks to reliable braking.