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Racing brake systems upgrade brake kits 6 pistons for tesla model 3

ICOOH brake kits feature high performance calipers from lightweight yet durable materials like aluminum alloy or forged billet aluminum, ensuring immediate response and consistent feel in extreme conditions.We're committed to providing personalized support and customization options to meet our clients' diverse needs. Join us as an Icooh agent to access exclusive benefits, including agent pricing,VIP service, and dedicated engineering support.

  • Model for tesla model 3
  • Wheel hub 18-19 inches
  • Caliper ICOOH-X61 large 6-pistons caliper*1 pair
  • Brake disc DIC- 355mm*32mm / 365mm*32mm punched and marked disc*1 pair
  • Brake pads HP1000 brake pads street version * 4 pieces
  • Brake hose Icooh upgraded version*1 pair
  • Brake center Icooh 1 pair
  • Bracket Special for tesla model 3
As a leader in the auto brake industry, ICOOH racing brake is always at the forefront, prioritizing top-notch quality and performance. We're committed to delivering the most reliable and secure braking solutions for successful individuals worldwide.

Since 2008, ICOOH has been revamping auto brake kits, setting new standards for quality, responsiveness, and race safety. Every ICOOH Racing Brake product reflects our unwavering dedication to precision engineering, blending intricate brake systems with cutting-edge technology. Our upgrade brake kits cover a wide range of vehicles, from BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz to Toyota.Honda , Nissan. Etc

ICOOH crafts racing solutions that not only catch the eye but also dominate the track.Whether it is a car, sports car, or off-road vehicle, ICOOH provides the perfect braking solution tailored to your needs.
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The original brakes on the Tesla Model 3 are sufficient for daily driving, but some drivers may prefer aftermarket brake kits for enhanced performance. Heat buildup during heavy or prolonged braking can lead to brake fade, ,but upgraded brake kits with improved cooling and high-temperature resistance , for help dissipate heat effectively, maintaining consistent performance. Additionally, aftermarket kits with durable materials and higher-quality components offer increased longevity and reliability, reducing the need for frequent brake maintenance and replacements.

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ICOOH performance brake kits typically include upgraded components such as larger brake rotors, high-performance brake pads, and sometimes upgraded calipers. These kits are engineered to provide improved stopping power, reduced brake fade, and enhanced overall braking performance compared to OEM components.

ICOOH performance brake kits are designed for drivers who demand enhanced braking performance, whether for spirited driving, track use, or simply improved stopping power in everyday situations. These kits often feature larger rotors, high-performance brake pads with advanced friction materials, and other components optimized for performance.

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