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Li Auto L8 upgraded IC6 brake kit


The overall design style of Li Auto L8 is quite futuristic, simple and recognizable, giving people a visual feast. It offers flamboyance with stability, meeting the aesthetic preferences of contemporary individuals.

The owner voiced discontent with the Li Auto L8 brake calipers, citing inadequate braking power and mushy pedal response attributed to their single-sided dual-piston setup. He sought a more linear pedal feel and stronger braking performance.

Upon discovering ICOOH's specialization in brake upgrades for new energy vehicles, including a six-piston caliper upgrade option for ideal models, the car owner promptly opted for the ICOOH IC6 brake kit upgrade.The list is as follows:

Model: Li Auto L8

Product: ICOOH-IC62

Front wheel: IC62 caliper with 410mm drilled disc

ICOOH HP2000 brake pads

ICOOH brake hose

ICOOH brake fluid

Post-upgrade, owners noted a smooth, stable braking experience with linear pedal feel. The vehicle's appearance perfectly aligns with the owner's aesthetic preferences.